Stable IT solutions and ongoing support are essential for your business: benefit from our applied knowledge & 24/24 service.

Maintenance and upgrade existing websites

Do you wish to renew or expand your website? Isyour website already optimized for use on mobile devices? Is the design outdated or are some functions not working anymore? For these and lots of other questions, Media Belgium offers budget friendly solutions. Also for regular review and maintenance of your online applications, our specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience.

Web and e-mail hosting

Do you wish to host a new website or improve the uptime of your existing website? Does your organization demand a fail-safe setup to ensure the continuity of your online services? For over 10 years of experience in web and email hosting, Media Belgium is the independent partner of the most important Belgian service providers. This unique position translates itself in an optimal comparative product selection at providing customized solutions to our customers.

Mobile and application development

Media Belgium created the past few years many (web)applications for a variety of sectors. Within the academic sector we provide the development of digital learning platforms and instrument-simulation. For the commercial sector we develop online applications for e.g. customer and task management. Do you have an idea or are you looking for the optimization of a process? Contact us for a free price offer.

WordPress and facebook applications

Media Belgium = customization. Next to the total configuration of your WordPress website, we develop plugins that add distinguished functionality to your platform.

Also for the development of facebook apps and the integration of page designs can you count on our developers.

MS Sharepoint and MS Office 365

Through integrated development, we structure the workflow according to your company. Sharepoint is available in the cloud as an independent solution, or as a part of Office 365 with which you have access to Exchange, Skype for Businesses, the Office client and many webapps.

Installation IT networks, physical and cloud

A solid IT network is the backbone of your administration. Safety and convenience are also the major concerns in the construction and ongoing management of your infrastructure. Thanks to our installations and cloud solutions, a flexible platform that anticipates on the motion of your company is at your disposal. Media Belgium provides the maintenance and installation of network infrastructures for both small and large companies.

Hardware and printer installation

Thanks to direct purchase from an importer and manufacturer, Media Belgium offers very competitive prices on hardware. Combine this with an experienced technical team and you know that you can count on Media Belgium for your infrastructure.

Inspection, security and total maintenance

Do you wish to have your IT infrastructure reviewed? Do you expect a maximum security of your data or are you looking for a partner for ongoing IT maintenance? Our customers benefit from a 24/7 service. Contact us for a free screening of your installation.